French Toast Recipe

Apple Cinnamon Swirl French Toast 

Serves 6 to 8


4 Eggs

1+1/2 cup Milk (or partial ½ & ½)

1 tsp Vanilla

1/8 tsp Cinnamon

Pinch Salt

2 Tbsp Sugar (optional)

6 to 8 slices Whole Grains Apple Cinnamon Swirl (or use your favorite!)


Tastes in French toast vary tremendously.  Some like it to be like custard; others like it “breadier.”  Some sweet, some less so.  Options are included below.


Whisk eggs well in a large bowl.

Add everything else (except bread slices) and whisk again.  Use optional sugar if you want sweeter results.

If you want more “custardy” French toast, start soaking bread slices now.  Wait if you want it “breadier.”

Heat your biggest non-stick pan or griddle on medium heat.  Have a lid ready.

Butter pan.

When butter starts to foam, lay as many soaked slices as will fit on pan in one layer. (Or if you waited, give slices a quick dip and transfer to pan).

Cook for one minute, then pour two more tablespoons batter on top of each slice in the pan.

Cover the pan and reduce heat to low.  (Do this and your toast will be light, high and tender with a thin crisp crust).

Cook till golden on bottom, then flip. 

Do not cover the pan when browning the second side. 

Cook the second side till golden and there aren’t any raw batter spots in the swirls of the bread.  If there are raw spots, cook till gone, flipping occasionally.


Serve with butter, maple syrup, sliced fruit, or nothing at all.  The Whole Grains Apple Cinnamon Swirl makes French toast that really doesn’t need anything on top.