From Our Market Manager

A Little History

Hi. I’m Scot, the manager of the farmers’ market department here at the bakery.  I started working for Beckmann’s selling bread at farmers’ markets in 1994.  A year later I was given the opportunity to run the market operations.  What happened before my time is hard to pin down exactly.  Ancient Volkswagon busses.  Precarious mountains of unsliced bread in paper bags.  Midnight runs to the beach for buckets of sand to hold up market umbrellas.  Five-pound loaves of bread for a nickel.  Bread-eating grizzly bears on the summit of Highway 17.  All I know is what I’m told.

Things have changed since the cowboy days.  It’s been over 20,000 farmers’ markets since then.  Now we have 10 market trucks, 23 employees and lots and lots of excel spreadsheets.  We bring 5,000 delicious pastries and 7,000 loaves of bread to the markets in a typical summer week. 

The best change of all is how our availability has grown.  When I started we went to six markets.  Now you can visit us at more than forty markets each week… but you’d get pretty tired running around like that.


What’s Important

I love the unique opportunity the farmers’ markets provide to get to know you bread-eaters better.  First, I get to know what you like and what we can do better.  That feedback is invaluable.  Also, we get the opportunity to turn you on to new products, make suggestions for what bread to pair with your dinner, and convince you to try freezing and re-baking one of our pies.  You haven’t done that yet?  Oh, man.

My favorite moment at the market is when I can feel the gratitude flow both ways.  To me, that is the farmers’ market magic that I can not get anywhere else whether I’m selling or shopping. 



Scot Adam

Farmers’ Market Manager

Beckmann's Old World Bakery